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Mt. Bachelor, a dormant stratovolcano on the eastern flanks of Oregon’s Central Cascades, simply isn’t your average mountain. Boasting 3,365 feet of vertical and an incredible 4,323 acres of lift-accessed ski terrain, Mt. Bachelor is the seventh largest ski resort in North America. It makes for a ski experience you can’t just have anywhere. Continue reading as we share what makes Mt. Bachelor one of the best, most unique ski resorts in North America.

Get To Know Mt. Bachelor

Mt. Bachelor is located in Deschutes National Forest, just 20 miles west of one of America’s best mountain towns, Bend. The fact that there isn’t a nearby international airport or interstate means that there aren’t the crowds and traffic bottlenecks of other popular ski destinations. Yet it’s still easy to get to. Mt. Bachelor is located just 180 miles south of Portland (150 miles east of Eugene), while just 40 miles away is Redmond Municipal Airport, which has 12 direct flights a day from key markets like Denver, Salt Lake City, San Diego, and San Francisco.

Mt. Bachelor is known for its light, dry snow, and on average receives an impressive 410″ of snow, which is supplemented by snowmaking. It’s well on its way to that following a January that saw more than 120” of snow. Mt. Bachelor’s base elevation of 6,500’, coupled with its snowfall, allows for one of the longest ski seasons in North America, typically beginning in November and continuing through Memorial Day Weekend. Bonus: Mt. Bachelor is on the Ikon Pass. Pass holders receive 5 days on the Ikon Base Pass and 7 days on the full Ikon Pass.

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Skiing And Riding At Mt. Bachelor

The skiing and riding experience at Mt. Bachelor is unrivaled. Guests can enjoy 360 degrees of skiing off the summit, while those who like to earn their turns can hike to the adjoining cinder cone and ski or ride down. It’s the perfect way to celebrate a powder day. Intermediate skiers can take the Cloudchaser lift up to the east side of Mt. Bachelor for long, rolling groomers and fun, flowy tree skiing and riding. More advanced skiers can take the Northwest chair, where there’s untouched off-piste terrain, fun gladed terrain, and some of the longest groomed trails.

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Other highlights include the Woodward Mountain Parks, a network of terrain park zones across the mountain for everyone from progressing beginners to athletes, and the Mt. Bachelor Nordic Center, featuring 56 km of groomed trails, 10 km of snowshoe trails, and the longest groomed Nordic season in the nation.

While the ski season is winding down by late March and early April at most ski areas, it’s in full force at Mt. Bachelor, where the lifts continue spinning through late May. If you’re lucky, you may even enjoy an April or May powder day. What’s more, Mt. Bachelor’s location in the Pacific Northwest means longer days during the longer ski season. Skiers and riders can shred all day before hitting any number of trails for a sunset hike or bike. Spring also brings with it great music and mountain lifestyle events to Mt. Bachelor, including Subaru WinterFest and RendezVan.


One of North America’s longest ski seasons makes for one of North America’s best après-ski scenes. After a day of ripping through powder, skiers and riders can cap it off by skiing right up to Mt. Bachelor’s Sun Bar, which we named one of the best ski resort patios. The slopeside indoor-outdoor bar at the southwest corner of Sunrise Lodge boasts a sprawling patio, with a great selection of beer, wine, and co*cktails, overlooking the Woodward Learning Zone. Over at West Village Lodge, the Clearing Rock Bar, aka The Rock, enjoys a perfect view of the mountain from the lodge deck, and has more than 15 rotating taps.

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Pine Marten Lodge, located at 7,800 feet, is not to be missed for some of the best views at Mt. Bachelor. Guests can grab lunch and drinks from Spark’s Cafe and Pinnacles Cafe before getting in some more laps.

After the sun goes down, après-ski heads to the nearby town of Bend, where most travelers stay during their ski trip. The Bend area is dotted with more than 30 breweries. Belly up to the bar of Bend’s oldest brewery, Deschutes, enjoy the lawn, food trucks, and craft brews of Crux Fermentation Project, or take in the waterfront views from Bend Brewing Company. Those who prefer craft co*cktails will be impressed by the offerings in Bend, with standouts like San Simón, The Flamingo Room, and Velvet. Bend is also home to an amazing selection of restaurants.

After a great start to the ski season, it’s never been a better time to plan a Mt. Bachelor ski trip. Start planning your trip at

Big Snowfall, Big Mountain Riding at Mt. Bachelor - OnTheSnow (2024)


What is the record snowfall at Mt. Bachelor? ›

Bachelor hits annual snowfall record with 616 inches and counting.

Does Mt. Bachelor get a lot of snow? ›

Mt. Bachelor gets an average annual snowfall of 400" of snow per year and on average has 75 annual snowfall days. The current 10-year snowfall record is 38", the average snow depth at Mt. Bachelor is 97".

Is Mt Hood or Mt. Bachelor bigger? ›

Mt Bachelor is currently the largest ski area, offering 1,765 ha of slopes.

What mountains can you see from Mt. Bachelor? ›

The upper ski area acts as a false summit, but the true summit is not far passed this point. With stunning views of the Three Sisters and Broken Top from the summit, and a total route time of under five hours, this is a first-choice trail for enjoying mountain views of central Oregon and Cascade Mountains.

What mountain has the world record snowfall? ›

The old Mount Shasta Ski Bowl in northern California holds the record for the most snow received from a single storm system. A total of 15.75 feet (189 inches) of snow was measured from February 13-19 in 1959. Mount Shasta is a volcano in the Cascade Mountain range and rises as high as 14,160 feet.

What is the largest single snowfall ever recorded in United States? ›

Tamarack, California, also holds the U.S. record for the greatest snow depth ever measured. A maximum snow depth of 451 inches, or 37.5 feet, was recorded there on March 11, 1911, according to Burt.

Is Mt. Bachelor a mountain or a butte? ›

Mount Bachelor
Mountain typeStratovolcano (on top of a shield volcano)
Volcanic arcCascade Volcanic Arc
Last eruption5800 BC
11 more rows

What is the base elevation of a Mt. Bachelor? ›

Mountain Stats
Average Snowfall (Per Year)410"
Average Snowbase150"-200"
Number of Runs101
Top Elevation9,065'
Lowest Elevation5,700'
4 more rows

Where does Mt. Bachelor rank? ›

Oregon ski resorts make Wall Street Journal's list of the best slopes in the U.S.
Overall RankResortTotal score
#5Mt. Bachelor87.81
#25Mt. Hood Meadows74.69
#31Timberline Lodge73.03
#88Mt. Hood Ski Bowl52.9
Nov 29, 2023

Is Mt Bachelor crowded? ›

The Mt Bachelor ski area can get very busy on weekends, especially if the Summit chair is open. Like most ski resorts, the bottlenecks are usually only at the lower chairs to get up from the base and the towies have well organised systems to manage the queues.

What is Mt Bachelor known for? ›

Located on the eastern flanks of Oregon's Central Cascades, Mt. Bachelor is known for its light, dry snow, diverse terrain, family friendliness, and one of the longest seasons in the country that runs through May.

Is Mt Rainier bigger than Mt Hood? ›

Foremost among them are Mount Shasta, in California (14,162 feet); Mount Hood, in Oregon (11,225 feet); Mount St. Helens (9,697 feet), Mount Adams (12,307 feet), Mount Rainier (14,408 feet), and Mount Baker (10,730 feet), in the State of Washington. Easily king of all is Mount Rainier.

What is the record snowfall for Mount Bachelor? ›

Mt. Bachelor receives record high 665" of snowfall, surpassing the 606" record from 1998-99.

What is the closest town to Mount Bachelor? ›

HITTING THE ROAD TO MT. BACHELOR. Mt. Bachelor is located in beautiful Central Oregon, only a 30-minute drive from Bend and Sunriver, just over 100 miles south of Portland and 150 miles north of the California border.

Does Mt Bachelor have snow tubing? ›


Bachelor`s Snowblast Tubing Park is Central Oregon`s biggest snow tubing experience.

What is the most snow Montana has ever had? ›

Record snowfall in Montana. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), The Log Cabin Cafe in Silver Gate, Montana received 853 inches of snow during the 2022-2023 winter. This is significantly above the average snowfall for the area, which is 600 inches.

What is the single storm snowfall record? ›

That record-breaking snowfall at Mount Shasta Ski Bowl was part of a storm total that piled up 15.75 feet (189 inches) of snow over seven days (Feb. 13-19, 1959). That's the highest known amount of snow from a single storm in the U.S., according to a blog by Christopher Burt.

What's the most snow ever recorded in North Dakota? ›

These are the biggest snowfalls recorded in North Dakota history
  • 22 inches. Hettinger County (Apr. 8, 1997) ...
  • 22.3 inches. Dunn County (Mar. 25, 2009)
  • 24 inches. Ransom County (Feb. 15, 1915) ...
  • 24.8 inches. Bottineau County (Dec. 8, 2016)
  • 26 inches. McLean County (Nov. 7, 2008)
  • 27 inches. Ward County (Apr 27, 1984)
Jan 21, 2023

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