Resources for Employers – Career and Professional Development (2024)

Facilitating Valuable Introductions

Mitchell Hamline School of Law is dedicated to fostering mutually beneficial relationships with employers and preparing the next generation of attorneys to be key contributors to our community and society as a whole.

We are proud to be training well-qualified, field-tested students and graduates for externships, residencies, clerkships, and post-graduate positions in a wide variety of practice areas, industries, and geographic markets. In turn, we are excited that our students and alumni have the opportunity to work with and learn from outstanding practitioners across traditional legal fields, as well as business, the health industry, and public service.

Mitchell Hamlinefollows the NALP guidelines for law placement and recruitment process and encourages employers to do the same.

There are a number of ways we aim to connect you with our students and support your hiring needs:

Post a Job for Students and Alumni

After creating an account in Symplicity, our career and professional development database, you can post job openings, free of charge, for as long as the position remains open.

    • Please review the Office of Career & Professional Development’s Non-Discrimination Policy.
    • Log in to Symplicity to post available positions.
    • If you have questions about Symplicity or need assistance accessing your account, please contact

Mitchell Hamline Recruitment Program

OCI is now the Mitchell Hamline Recruitment Program! We said farewell to the moniker OCI for our On-Campus Interview process and have reinvented as the Mitchell Hamline Recruitment Program! We look forward to continuing to facilitate connections between students and employers across industries and interstates under this new banner using updated platforms and an innovative approach to recruitment. We can coordinate your job searches and interviews from start-to-finish at any time of year, in addition to welcoming you to meet with our students (in-person or virtually) through our coordinated Recruitment Programs.

If you have other preferred methods of recruiting or outreach, we are happy to help you reach students or student organizations of interest to you in your recruiting, within our privacy limitations. Email careers@mitchellhamline.eduor call us at 651-290-6326 to coordinate an event or if you would like us to share information about your event or opportunity with students.

You might find it useful to review our student organizations at Mitchell Hamline.

Host a Legal Externship or Residency (in the Twin Cities and beyond)

Mitchell Hamline is proud to offer our students a wide array of opportunities to earn credit by working outside of the law school with practicing attorneys in the community. These programs aim to provide students with an opportunity to achieve their individualized learning goals and gain practical, real-world experience in order to facilitate smooth transitions into their roles as legal professionals.

  • Externships, during which students typically earn 2-4 credits, provide valuable hands-on learning experiences under supervision of both Mitchell Hamline faculty and attorneys or judges in the field.
  • Legal residencies are intended to be culminating work experiences that bridge students from law school to legal practice and the professional legal community and are available to students in their third or fourth years to secure semester-long, full-time, on-site placements working under the supervision of practicing attorneys. Students are placed inside of law firms, businesses, government offices, courthouses, and non-profit organizations where they put into practice all that they have learned throughout law school and gain a deeper understanding of the role of lawyers in our society and legal system.

If you are interested in hosting an extern or establishing a legal residency opportunity for a Mitchell Hamline student at your law firm, office, or business, please contact Mitchell Hamline’s Externship Director, Professor Denise Roy at

Share Your Expertise and Connect with Our Students

Be a mentor

We are proud to offer a robust mentoring program to our students, which pairs students with attorneys willing to provide advice on navigating law school and guidance on exploring career opportunities, as well as help students celebrate professional success. We have multiple opportunities for attorneys to mentor students of all class years, including opportunities for both in-person and remote connections with students in the Twin Cities region and many other markets. Learn more about our mentoring programs and contact with any questions.

Invite students to join you at a CLE, gala, legal clinic, or other volunteer event

We are happy to help you reach students or student organizationsthat may be interested in the event, within our privacy or call us at 651-290-6326 if you would like us to share information about your event or opportunity with students.

Sponsor an existing event on campus

The Office of Career and Professional Development has a range of existing programming and events for which we would welcome the opportunity for collaboration and/or sponsorship. For more information on upcoming opportunities your organization can support financially or otherwise, email Susan Galazen, Director, Career and Professional Development at

Other opportunities

To help prepare students for their legal careers, we welcome employers’ participation in mock interviews, job shadow opportunities, or informational programs and speaking opportunities on and off campus. To volunteer, contact us at or 651-290-6326.

Resources for Employers – Career and Professional Development (2024)
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