Open esfiha: 17 tasty and easy-to-prepare recipes (2024)

One of the most famous recipes in Arab cuisine, the open sfiha is very popular among Brazilians. This snack is easy to prepare, uses accessible ingredients and is perfect for the most varied moments, such as parties, meetings with friends or even to enjoy on a daily basis.

Learn how to prepare this delight with 17 super easy and very tasty recipes. You will be amazed at the results!

Traditional open sfiha recipes

1. Simple open esfiha: an easy option that can be made with different fillings. This recipe is perfect for those who want to enjoy a delicious snack in the rush of everyday life. The preparation is simple and the list of ingredients is very accessible. Access and taste this delight!

2. Open sfiha at Habib’s: how about learning how to prepare an open sfiha like those made at Habib’s? Follow the recipe tips and check out how to make two-flavored esfihas: meat and cheese. It is mouthwatering!

3. Open beef esfiha: this is an option that’s so easy that even those who don’t know how to cook will be able to make it. To prepare the dough, you will only need yeast, sugar, salt, oil, warm water and wheat flour.

4. Habib’s Open Beef Esfiha: another esfiha option at Habib’s, perfect for preparing on special occasions. Follow all the tips in the video to prepare a very crispy and tasty snack.

5. Open chicken esfiha: to make the delicious filling for this esfiha, you will only need shredded chicken, chicken broth and black pepper. To make everything even more delicious, the tip is to add creamy catupiry in the preparation before putting it in the oven.

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6. Open cheese esfiha: the dough of this option is very similar to the others, but the filling is the difference. You will need gorgonzola cheese, ricotta cream and mozzarella cheese. Mix everything like a pâté, put it in the dough and take it to bake. When you least expect it, you will be enjoying this delight!

7. Open ricotta esfiha: this is an easy and very practical recipe, perfect for those who have a busy daily life, but who don’t give up enjoying delicious delicacies. Check out the list of ingredients: ready-made puff pastry, ricotta, grated onion, parsley, olive oil and salt.

8. Open cheddar and bacon esfiha: few combinations are as perfect as the cheddar and bacon duo. In addition to these two ingredients, to prepare this recipe you will need puff pastry and sour cream. The step by step is so easy that you can even do it with your eyes closed!

9. Open chocolate esfiha: after enjoying the options above, how about leaving a little space for a sweet esfiha? Here, it is made with wheat flour, sugar, yeast, warm water, oil, salt, cornmeal, semisweet chocolate, cream and rum. It is mouthwatering!

10. Open chocolate esfiha with M&M: this recipe is perfect to prepare at times when you feel like eating a sweet treat. You will only need 5 ingredients: puff pastry, egg yolk, milk chocolate bar, Nutella and M&M’s. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Check out the video and see for yourself.

Special open esfiha recipes

11. Open esfiha of sweet potato with chicken: want to taste a delicious esfiha without having to go off the diet? With this recipe, it’s possible! For the dough, use sweet potato, egg, lemon zest, garlic, parsley, salt and wholemeal flour. For the stuffing, chicken, onion, garlic, salt, tomato sauce and parsley.

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12. Gluten-free sweet potato esfiha: if you need to follow restrictive diets, this is an option that may please you. This is because the recipe does not contain gluten. Also, check out how to make delicious chicken and buffalo mozzarella fillings. Check out the tips in the video and do it at home.

13. Open esfiha without eggs and milk: without using eggs or milk, to prepare the dough for this option you will need very accessible ingredients. They are: unleavened wheat flour, warm water, dry yeast, sugar, salt and oil. The stuffing is made with onions, tomatoes, ground beef, oregano, salt, black pepper and the broth of half a lemon.

14. Open spinach esfiha: this is a very different option from the others presented in this selection. As a result, spinach esfiha surprises with its unique flavor. To fill the dough you will only need: spinach, garlic, onion, salt and pepperoni. Very simple and without many secrets.

15. Open cheese and spinach esfiha: this is an even tastier version of the previous recipe. Here, the stuffing is made with spinach (without the stalk), crushed garlic, white cheese, ricotta cream, salt and black pepper. You will be surprised by this delicious esfiha!

16. Vegan open esfiha: whoever thinks that recipes without ingredients of animal origin are tasteless, it’s because they haven’t tried this delight yet. To prepare the dough, you will need organic yeast, refined sugar, warm water, oil, salt and whole wheat. With the video, you learn how to make 3 fillings: heart of palm, broccoli with tomato and spinach with dried tomato. Try it!

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17. Open Vegan Cauliflower Esfiha: this is another vegan option and full of flavor. The filling is made with olive oil, onion, garlic, cauliflower, soy sauce, Arabic seasoning, Syrian pepper, salt and cumin. The result is a very dry and tasty esfiha!

Add the options of this selection to your menu, and always have a recipe ready for the most varied moments. Do you like snacks made with puff pastry? Check out this incredible selection of delicious dishes for every meal.

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Open esfiha: 17 tasty and easy-to-prepare recipes (2024)
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